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Villages 1, 2, 3, 4, & Master Insurance Certificates


Village 5 Insurance Certificates

Brown & Brown of Florida Inc.
To request a certificate of insurance or to view the policy coverage listed on a particular certificate, please visit For first time users, simply follow the links to register (be sure to write down your User ID and Password so you can log into your account when prompted.) A delivery charge may apply for mortgagee clause additions, however there is no cost to register for access to the website. Customers will have an option to automatically have renewal certificates issued for a nominal charge but there is no cost to unit owners for obtaining renewal certificates when requested. There is a small charge only for new purchases and refinances plus lender requests.

Once you have logged onto your account, click “Evidence of Insurance” to search and access the association policy information you are seeking. EOI Direct’s customer service department is available from 9am to 8pm (EST) Monday through Friday to provide additional assistance. Those without internet access may also contact the help desk at (877) 456-EOID [3643] to order their certificate over the phone with a representative. (See the attached for further instructions.)