Waste Management Information

To view the proper plastic recycling items, please click on the link below.
                                                   WASTE MANAGEMENT
Trash Containers and Recycle Containers can be placed out after 6:00 PM on the night before pick up only on designated days.  Trash pick up days are Wednesday and Saturday.  Recycle is every Wednesday.
Please place containers at the end of driveway by 6:00 AM.
Please remove the containers after pick up as soon as possible.
All trash containers must be stored in the garage and may not be placed outside the driveway area of any site except for a reasonable period for refuse pickup to be accomplished.
All trash must be in a container provided by Waste Management.
Recycle material must be placed in proper yellow lid container provided by Waste Management.
No rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste materials shall be kept or permitted on any site, except in certain areas or times designated by the Board of each Neighborhood Association.
For Villages 1 & 3 - Trash is picked up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
For Villages 2, 4 & 5- Trash is picked up every Tuesday and Friday.
All trash must be in garbage bags and placed inside the dumpster.   Nothing is to be left outside the dumpster.
Recycle Schedule for the Villages:
Em Lakes Village 1 - Thursday
Em Lakes Village 2 - Monday
Em Lakes Village 3 - Tuesday
Em Lakes Village 4- Monday
Em Lakes Village 5 -Tuesday & Friday
Large item pick up  239-649-2212
Bulk Items pick up 1-800-223-4825
There will be NO collection services of any kind-trash, recycling, bulky items or yard waste-on the following holidays:
     Fourth of July
     Thanksgiving Day
     Christmas Day
If the regular collection day falls on any of these holidays, collection will be made on the next regularly scheduled collection day.  There are no make up days.  Customer Service phone lines are closed on the above holidays.
Regular collection services will occur on all other holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Years Day, etc.)
Customer Service phone lines are open on all other holidays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at 239-252-2380 (select option 2)
Regular hours for Customer Service phone lines are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 239-252-2380.
Thank you for your cooperation.